Instructional Facilities of Baikuntha college of Education.

A     . Library


  1. a) Sitting capacity in the Reading Room


  1. b) Number of Books
  2. c) Number of Titles
  3. e) Availability of Reference Books in the Current Session:500

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Sr.No. Reference books Number of Books Add More







Sr.No. Resources for ICT or Educational Technology Resource Centre A  for  Available Add More
1 Adequate number of Computer System     A NA
2 Hardware for Projection (LCD Projector or Digital Projector etc.)     A NA
3 CDs/DVDs/ROM     A NA _
4 Educational Software Facilities including TV     A NA
5 DVD Player     A NA _
6 Slide Projector     A NA _
7 Slides     A NA
8 Films     A NA
9 Satellite ROT (Received Only Terminal)     A NA
10 SIT (Satellite Interactive Terminal)     A NA

                                                 ICT Resource Centre


Number of Computer systems

Availability of Internet facility



Accessibility of Internet facility to students



Number of CD ROMs


                                      . Art & Craft Resource Centre

Sr.No. Resources for Art and Craft Resource Centre Write “A” for AvailableAvailable Add More
1 A Set of wood working Tools     A NA
2 Raw material and Equipment for Toy Making     A NA
3 Raw material and Equipment for Doll Making     A NA
4 Raw material and Equipment for Dress Designing     A NA
5 Raw material and Equipment for Puppetry     A NA _
6 Material for Preparation of Charts     A NA
7 Material for Preparation of Models and other Practical Activities     A NA
8 Stationery (Chart Paper, Mount Board, etc.)     A NA
9 Tools like Scissors, Scales etc.     A NA
10 Cloth     A NA











 Curriculum Laboratory


Sr.No. Resources for Curriculum Laboratory Write “A” for Available and “NA” for not Available Upload the list of Available Resources Add More
1 Resources for English Language     A NA
2 Resources for Science Education     A NA
3 Resources for Social Science Education     A NA
4 Resources for Regional Language Education     A NA
5 Resources for Core Mathematics     A NA
6 Overhead Projector/ Notice Boards/Black Boards     A NA

 Physical Education Resource Centre


                     SL  .No.    Item Name  


List Available Download







Resources for Health and Physical Education Resource Centre

List Available Download